Gone 2 The Dogs of
Howard County MD

Networking Help To Find Your Lost Pet


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When you've lost your beloved pet, your first impulse is PANIC!!
What do I do? Where do I start? One key to a happy ending is community awareness. Get the word out as quickly as possible!

That is where we come in.

We will Support your Search Effort by:
  • Placing/Updating/Renewing Ads on Craigslist and other Online Sites
  • Designing/Distributing/Posting of Flyers and Notices
  • Setting up and Managing a Facebook Page Dedicated to the Search
  • Networking to Spread the Word & Create Awareness About Your Pet
  • Communicating with your Tracker Team if you are using one (We are not trackers)
  • Mapping Sightings
  • Preparing Media Alerts/Press Releases as Needed
                                              ...AND MORE!
 We will customize our efforts to your pet and your situation.

Our goal is to help get your pet HOME SAFELY as quickly as possible.
Our Promise to You:
We will stay on the job until your pet is found, or until you inform us that you have given up your search or no longer desire our services.
Lost Your Pet? Found a Lost Pet?
Do You Want to Volunteer to Help?
Click "Contact Us" at the top of the page
to submit your information!

We do not require a fee for our services, but we do accept "appreciation payments" to help offset the costs involved with this process. Feel free to send a payment based on your ability to pay, and the value you feel you've gotten from our service.

Our dedication to this effort is not determined by IF or HOW MUCH you pay.

PayPal is our preferred secure method of payment.
(You may use a Credit Card even if you do NOT have a PayPal account.)
Thank You!

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